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by Just Ask Julie
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"Just Ask Julie thoughtfully describes the most frequently asked questions for those considering experimenting in this lifestyle. From how to get started, to dealing with jealousy issues, Julie covers all bases... The instruction continues along with short stories of swinging escapades.  The personal touch of real life swinging examples adds to the realness of the swinging lifestyle. Just Ask Julie covers all areas of swinging such as etiquette of swinging, how to deal with rejection,  when to say no, and when to call it quits." - Rebecca Ammon from Creative Loafing

"There were several moments while reading this book that I thought to myself “I wish she’d gone into…” and nine times out of ten, she had enough tricks up her sleeve to go into whatever it was that I wanted to hear more about very shortly afterward. This speaks to the fact that the book is not only very informative, but well laid out enough to anticipate the questions its audience might have." - Cooper from LifeOnTheSwingSet

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was thought provoking and while detailed enough, it wasn't "overpowering." All- in-all a very good read." - Kittypride on SwingLifestyle

"I found it to entertaining and very informative, while filling in some blanks that I still had after a few years of very seldom swinging situations. I love that Julie goes into detail about all the different aspects of swinging and types and gives warnings where people tend to make the mistakes. If I had seen this book before a few situations we encountered, I'm sure things would have gone differently. I loved seeing a lot of comments from members of SwingersBoard that are known and trusted, and I love that it covers parts for people who are more experienced as well.

Julie you did a phenomenal job, and I couldn't believe how quickly I read it! I thought I'd want to skip over "the parts I already knew" but I found myself immersed throughout the whole thing. There are good reminders in there that are intended for the "newbies" but are great even for those that have been in the lifestyle for a while.

I too would recommend this to anyone who might think about swinging. It will save them from some potential issues that crop up for almost all of us in the beginning but most people don't really talk much about." - DragonBlade

"My wife and I are familiar with swinging and are active to the extent of considering it to be a lifestyle. Having read other books on this subject, some good, others not so good, we were wondering if there was really much more to be learned or anything that could actually surprise us. Well, there is and we were. Both of us regret that we did not have access to a book like this when we first discussed the possibilities of finding other married couples for partner exchange. We might have avoided some early mistakes and have been a little less puzzled by some of the situations we encountered.

This book is organized into chapters that roughly follow a hypothetical time line for a prospective pair of swingers. So in addition to being stimulating it is easy to read. So in more than one small sense it is a how-to-do book. It also contains warnings for people who should really not be doing it. It would certainly be a good reference for mass-media journalists who so often incorrectly apply the label "swinger" to people in the news. It has a lot to say to beginners but also explains a lot to those who are experienced. There is no doubt that the author is speaking from experience and it all has a ring of truth.

I like The Swinger Manual and I recommend without reservation to others." - M. Sprague (from

"I have just gotten an opportunity to read a great deal of your Swinger Manual and I have a big smile on my face. I am so glad that YOU wrote this! I loved the way you approached all the topics and I can't think of ANYONE that could have done a better job! I know this is much better than anything out there and will forever be a valuable piece of work in the Swinging/Lifestyle history." - Allie of SwingerCast

"It's a wonderful book, full of common sense and intelligent guidelines for swingers.  I like that it isn't hyping swinging; it's down-to-earth reading that's educational.  A true manual that one could read over and over again.  The comments from Board member's adds something very personal and real about swinging." - LikeMinds321

"Your book is awesome. I find it very informative for both newbies and 'oldies' alike. I know what a stretch it was for us in the beginning and you cover that very well. We did not have that info back then and relied on others on your board to help us figure out if this was good for us or not. Your book explains those concerns/ questions very well. And for those who have been involved in the lifestyle for a long period, it addresses other things as well." - OhioCouple

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