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JustAskJulie is the admin and hostess of the Swingers Board, a website dedicated to the swinger lifestyle. There she provide info and advice and answers questions for those both new to the swinging lifestyle and veterans alike.  She began the Swingers Board in 1997 as a place to provide swingers with free personal ads. As the web grew and other options became available the Swingers Board changed and grew into what it is today, a true swinger community.  The Swingers Board is now the largest completely free swinger community on the web, offering discussions on everything to do with swinging and alternative lifestyles, personal stories from members, swinger club listings and reviews and much more.

JustAskJulie has been involved in the swinger lifestyle both as the admin of the Swingers Board, and personally active in swinging for over a decade and has had just about every type of experience that can be had, although she still has a few fantasies to fulfill.  Throughout the years she has remained involved in the swinging lifestyle via the Swingers Board, even while at times taking breaks from actively pursuing the lifestyle.  She says that while she has taken breaks for various reasons, she feels that swinging is in her blood and is a lifestyle choice that she feels will always be a part of who she is.  According to Julie, “Swinging is not just an activity, it’s a mindset”.

Throughout the years of running her website many had mentioned that there was a book hiding in all the thousands of threads and posts, others had suggested that with her experience she should write a book.  A couple of years ago she finally started thinking maybe "they" were right.  In 2010, she published The Swinger Manual,  having taken over a year to put all the pieces together into one solid book that she felt would provide all the info that swingers (and would be swingers) were looking to find.  The book covers the most common questions asked by those interested in swinging and active swingers alike, as well as many less discussed questions and topics that she felt should have more attention.

JustAskJulie has done several podcast interviews and would be happy to be a guest on your podcast. If you are interested in scheduling her, please email . She is also available for public speaking on topics related to swinging; she was most recently a featured speaker at the 2012 Vegas Exchange swinger convention.

Outside of swinging, Julie enjoys hobbies such as playing poker, reading books of all kinds, and studying human nature.  She enjoys helping others and finds her work within the swinging lifestyle allows her to do that in a way that gives joy to many. She hopes that The Swinger Manual expands on that ability to help others in a new way.

If you read The Swinger Manual, I'd love to hear your feedback, especially if you find it helps you.  If you have suggestions for things I've left out or a story to share, I'd love to hear that as well.  Feel free to contact me and share your stories and thoughts.





The Swinger Manual